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The team at Shift Leadership Group is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to helping their clients succeed. They worked closely with me to understand my goals and challenges, and they developed a customized program to help my team improve their leadership skills and performance.
Jake E.
Throughout the coaching process, Dave provided me with valuable insights and feedback, and he challenged me to think outside of the box and grow as a leader. He created a safe and supportive space for learning and growth, and was always available to answer my questions and provide guidance.
Mary K.
I was highly drawn to Nick's Zen approach to coaching through his book SHIFT which triggered my initial engagement with him. "Zen + High-Performance" sums up his disciplined approach as a coach. He is very precise— I continue to be amazed at how in a single session he is able to dissect and extract one's core barriers and weaknesses and then transform those into actionable opportunities. Working with Nick is "mental" bootcamp for me without compromising form to lead to long-term gains. It's rare to find such a breed who can take you like Play-Doh and completely transform your thinking to accelerate your growth in unimaginable ways.
Andrew A.
Working with Nick is nothing less than transformational. He’s coached me on practical ways of becoming an expert communicator and building strong relationships that have accelerated my success. He’s helped me strengthen my leadership skills to become the impactful and inspirational leader that I would want to follow. Most importantly, Nick has provided me the mindfulness tools that allow me to be intentional about continually moving towards my vision of success and tearing down the obstacles I subconsciously create for myself.
Sean C.
Nick has been a pivotal person in my life and career, and at a crucial time where I was preparing to ask for a major promotion at my company. We have been working together for almost 3 months now and the benefits have been just immense. Not only he helped me crystallize my ask for the promotion that I have been agonizing over for months but also helped me see that I not only deserved it but truly believe in myself that I was ready for the next chapter in my career. This resulted in being offered an even bigger opportunity that was more in line with my aspirations and a perfect fit with my personal passions. The beauty with Nick is that he empathizes and listens but also pushes you to fulfill your greatest potential if you are hungry for that in your life and career. Not only he is joy to speak to and work with but his coaching uses simple frameworks that are so turnkey and effective. I wish i found Nick earlier in my life and career. However, I couldn’t be more grateful to the impact that Nick is having in my life right now.
Rajaa G.
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